A Bahá'í Perspective is a podcast of biographical interviews of people who have either chosen the Bahá'í Faith as a way of life or who have a relationship with the Bahá'í Faith. You can listen to the radio broadcast on Saturdays at 10 AM on WXOJ-LP Northampton MA, 103.3 FM.
Tom Lysaght
Release Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Tom is an award-winning playwright and author. Raised Irish-Catholic in Brooklyn, Tom has written some 30 plays in both English and Spanish. In the interview, Tom tells his spiritual journey in which he dropped everything in his life and began traveling around the world searching for spiritual truth. It's an amazing journey that led him to the Baha'i Faith.

Tom's latest publish book is called "Persian Passion: Of Gods and Gargoyles". It's a history of the early years of the Baha'i Faith when the personnage of the Bab in 1844 declared that he is the return of the promised Mahdi in the Shia Islam tradition. The Bab's life, ministry and martydom mirrors that of Christ in a remarkable way. We discuss Tom's book and the historical figures of both the Bab and Tahireh in the interview.

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