A Bahá'í Perspective is a podcast of biographical interviews of people who have either chosen the Bahá'í Faith as a way of life or who have a relationship with the Bahá'í Faith. You can listen to the radio broadcast on Saturdays at 10 AM on WXOJ-LP Northampton MA, 103.3 FM.
Lesa Morey
Release Date: Friday, October 21, 2016

Lesa started out in life as a writer and then found the audio medium much more suitable in which to work with. She has taken the interviews from this program, A Baha'i Perspective, categorized segments from many of the interviews and then spliced together segments from different interviews but on the same theme. She presents these segments in a venue simulating a cafe. Thus she calls the work cafe Baha'i and more specifically Spiritual Journeys. You can find Spiritual Journeys on her website On her website she also presents her audio book work. I include samples from both Spiritual Journeys and her audio book work in the interview.

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